P&P PharmaConsulting’s vision is to address the challenges faced in life science product development, a high-risk, high-cost, lengthy & complex venture

The most innovative science and the newest technologies are not sufficient warranties for an innovative pharmaceutical product (drug, biologics, companion diagnostic, medical devices) to reach clinical development stages, and beyond

Ingenious innovations will fail at a very early stage without the support of highly skilled individuals who are capable of orchestrating a multitude of interdependent tasks within a regulated environment.

Successful ingredients include promising products, customized development strategies and, most importantly, the strategic move towards collaborative innovation


P&P PharmaConsulting is a boutique consultancy whose mission is to provide :

  • Expert scientific, strategic and operational support to facilitate the development of innovative life science products
  • Effective guidance, coaching and customized assistance to enable an innovative product candidate to move from one development stage to the next one, in a timely, quality & cost-efficient manner
  • Practical, hands-on approach to build collaborative advantage through partnerships and establish most effective ways to manage inter-company business relationships



Provide strategic analysis, technological knowledge and scientific expertise to overcome life science project development challenges

Reinforce the link between science and business

Simplify negotiations, coordination, management and metric measurement of collaborative performance

Support the alliance-project management continuum

Client benefits
  • Overall vision, global coherence of the product development plan
  • Aligned strategy & execution, improved performance & cost-effectiveness
  • Risk anticipation & decreased failure rate
  • Immediate & practical hands-on approach
  • Planned whos, whats, wheres, whens & whys
  • Efficient & timely organization of operations, data collection & product documentation
  • Application of alliance and project best management practices
  • Breakdown of complex problems into manageable solutions
  • Win-win & can-do-attitude


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Paola Principe-Nicolas

P&P PharmaConsulting President & Founder

30+ years of experience in pharma, for drugs, biologics & innovative formulations’ development

  •  70+ publications, one exclusive patent in oncology
  • Successful track record in primary care, endocrinology, oncology & neurology
  • Four completed market applications :
  • Two MAAs, oncology & neurology indications
  • Two NDAs, oncology & endocrinology indications


Leadership of strategic R&D and commercial collaborations & partnerships

  • Roche, Homocamptothecins, oncology;
  • Debiopharm, Decapeptyl®, oncology;
  • GTx & Orion, Acapodene®, oncology;
  • Santhera, Fipamezole, neurology;
  • Valeant & Galderma, Dysport®, neurology and aesthetic medicine


Academic education

  • Laurea Scienze Biologiche – Rome University Italy
  • PhD In Cell Biochemistry – Middlesex School of Medicine UK


Professional qualifications

  • PMP® from Project Management Institute, US
  • CA-AM® from Association Strategic Alliance Professionals, US
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing certification from ESCP Business School, France


Fluency in Italian, English & French

Tel: 0033 (0)6 86 42 95 11
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